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Google Cloud for Federal Civilian Agencies

Google Public Sector supports federal civilian agencies by helping them increase operational effectiveness, deliver proven innovation, and solve for mission success through digital transformation.

  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
  •  Department of Energy
  • USPS
  • NIH
  •  United States Patent and Trademark Office


Google for Government solutions

Improve operational effectiveness and service delivery

Intelligent Vaccine Impact solution

Help communities screen and book vaccine appointments, assess receptiveness to vaccines and enhance public health messaging, and forecast the spread of the virus.

Improve your customer service and operational efficiency with AI-driven virtual agents that speak naturally with customers and assist human agents on complex cases.

Document AI unlocks insights that let you automate and validate your data, keep your data secure, make faster decisions, and meet customer expectations.

Digital transformation for government

Transitioning to a new digital reality requires scale, agility, and analytics. Google Cloud can help your organization pivot, prepare, and pursue new opportunities.

Reduce costs and increase efficiency by migrating your applications from legacy mainframe systems to Google Cloud’s scalable, flexible, and secure environments.

Improper payments and fraud prevention

Use artificial intelligence to identify fraudulent and erroneous applications before funds are distributed, thwarting bad actors and speeding aid to those in need.

Improve decision-making with AI and analytics

Public health response platform

Optimize public health programs, research, and COVID-19 response using AI and big data to innovate on research, contact tracing, logistics, and public education.

Smart analytics

Go from reactive to proactive by using data models, AI and other tools to inform insights on areas ranging from policy and operations to staffing and partnerships.

Research and data insights

This next-gen research solution gives you compute and AI insights to accelerate your findings and analysis while assuring security and compliance.

Constituent sentiment

Our omnichannel insights help you study public concerns on key issues—expressed on agency sites, call centers, and social media—and offer the right responses.

Our forecasts use AI to provide a projection of COVID-19 cases, resource utilization, deaths, and other critical metrics to aid public agencies’ response efforts.

Transportation analytics platform

Improve public transportation by using AI and analytics to gain insights from existing assets and enhance information flow between government, industry and citizens.

Cyber analytics

Our analytics and threat-hunting tools can help your security teams prevent cyber attacks by improving their situational awareness, speed, agility, and scale.

Enable your workforce with collaboration tools

New features like breakout rooms, Q&A, polling, moderating, and jamboard support collaboration and virtual events without sacrificing security or ease of use.

Google’s collaboration and communication tools, adapted and priced for the federal government, civilian agencies, intelligence community, and Department of Defense.

Google Workspace for Government, Classroom Edition

Optimize and integrate your organization’s internal operations while promoting your mission by connecting with students of all levels.

Public Sector Connect

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Achieving your public sector mission, together

Our trusted industry partners can help your organization navigate every stage of its digital transformation and better serve your constituents.


Security and compliance

Google Cloud’s defense-in-depth security protects the federal government’s data at scale. We can help you meet your technical needs and detect security risks before they become threats. Google Cloud means compliance without compromise. Our certifications, technical capabilities, guidance documents, and legal commitments support your compliance requirements globally.

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