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Google Cloud for education

We’re committed to advancing learning for everyone. Explore our cloud solutions, teaching tools, and affordable devices that help transform classrooms, academic institutions, and edtech companies.
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Transforming education in the cloud

Build a secure, scalable infrastructure for your institution

Google Workspace for Education Plus offers you access to enterprise-grade tools, including the security center, security investigation tool, and anomaly detection.

Google's secure-by-design infrastructure and global network make it easy to detect, investigate, and help stop threats that target your school and your users.

Stay as prepared as possible for all situations, from natural disasters to short notice data requests, with Google Cloud’s backup and disaster recovery solutions.

Migrate and modernize your workloads on Google’s secure, reliable infrastructure while keeping up with educational complexity and your own goals.

Meet your institution’s needs and build new apps across hybrid or multi-cloud—quickly, flexibly, and more securely with our application modernization portfolio.

Keep pace with the growth of data, and derive new insights from it, when your institution or edtech company modernizes with Google Cloud’s data management solutions.

Future-proof your infrastructure with a flexible and secure cloud environment that lets you quickly build serverless apps

Improve student success while optimizing costs

Google Workspace and Google Meet enable remote learning, encourage innovation, and streamline administrative tasks—without disrupting your current workflows.

Our analytics tools with built-in AI aggregate academic data and offer actionable insights that let advisors and educators understand and address students’ needs.

Contact Center AI’s virtual agents can provide round-the-clock answers to students’ inquiries, while freeing up staff to help with more difficult issues.

Powered by AI and our APIs, digital tutors can provide assistance to students learning new skills and information, like writing or reading comprehension.

Virtual labs and remote access to compute power empower educators to offer distance learning without disruption.

Educators and students alike can use these simple, secure, and shareable devices to create and collaborate.

Get your instructors and students access to learning programs and free Google Cloud credits to enhance learning and prepare students for life after graduation.

Accelerate groundbreaking research

Google Cloud's powerful but flexible infrastructure can support your high performance computing and accelerate your most complex workloads' time to completion.

Genomics data is growing dramatically, with petabytes becoming exabytes. Use Google Cloud to store, analyze, and share large, complex datasets seamlessly at scale.

Work more closely with researchers, clinicians, and imaging specialists by de-identifying and integrating your data with our APIs to derive new medical insights.

Apply for Google Cloud research credits and discounts to fuel new innovations, deepen your cloud expertise, and get hands-on training with online labs.

Moving from a traditional data warehouse to Google Cloud means reduced costs, faster data queries and discoveries, and scalable storage to meet research demands.

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Partners for education

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Secure, enterprise-ready tools support your compliance needs

Google is committed to building solutions and products that help protect student and educator privacy and provide best-in-class security for your institution. Our industry-leading safeguards and privacy policies put you in control of your school’s data. We understand the unique needs of education; we built Google Workspace for Education, Chromebooks, and Google Cloud to be used in compliance with state and federal regulations like COPPA and FERPA.

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