Document AI

Unlock insights from documents with machine learning. Tap into the opportunity offered by your unstructured data to increase operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and inform decision-making.

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Unlock insights from your documents with machine learning

Make faster decisions using data from your documents

Improve operational efficiency by extracting structured data from unstructured documents and making that available to your business apps and users.

Ensure your data is accurate and compliant

Automate and validate all your documents to streamline compliance workflows, reduce guesswork, and keep data accurate and compliant.

Use your data to meet customer expectations

Leverage insights to meet customer expectations and improve CSAT, advocacy, lifetime value, and spend.


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Upload a document (like an invoice) and see the structured data extracted. Don't have a document? Try our sample.

Key features

Document AI approaches documents like people do

Read documents

Google Cloud’s Vision OCR (optical character recognition) and form parser technology uses industry-leading deep-learning neural network algorithms to perform text, character, and image recognition in over 200 languages with exceptional accuracy.

Understand documents

Using the same deep machine learning technology that powers Google Search and Assistant, Google Cloud’s natural language products enable you to derive valuable insights from your unstructured documents.

Three-step visual of how documents are visualized, analyzed, and made useful.

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