Document AI

Unlock insights from your documents with machine learning

80% of enterprise data is still unstructured,1 which means businesses have a huge untapped opportunity to better understand and leverage their data. With Document AI, you can turn unstructured data into structured data, giving you key insights that increase your operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and help you make better decisions.

Document AI approaches documents like people do

Read with Vision OCR

Google Cloud’s Vision OCR technology uses industry-leading deep-learning neural network algorithms to perform text, character, and image recognition in over 200 languages with exceptional accuracy.

Understand with Natural Language

Using the same deep machine-learning technology that powers Google Search and Assistant, Google Cloud’s natural language enables you to derive valuable insights from your unstructured documents.

Diagram_document understanding AI1. See what’s there2. Understand it3. Make it useful

Key benefits

Improve customer experience

With customer expectations higher than ever, gaining new insights about your products and customer experience is critical for your business success. Achieving a better understanding of your data can be key to improving CSAT, loyalty, advocacy, lifetime value, and spend.

Increase operational efficiency

Capture, classify, enrich, and visualize documents in both physical and digital formats to accelerate your company’s digital transformation. Document AI converts unstructured documents into structured data and automatically makes this information available to your business applications and users, saving you time, money, and labor.

Improve accuracy, governance, and compliance

Automate and validate all your documents to make your compliance workflows more efficient and free from guesswork. Document AI automates the bulk of the work and helps ensure that all your data is accurate and compliant, saving you time and money from potential compliance costs.

Make better business decisions

Take advantage of the numerous facts, relationships, and predictions waiting to be discovered in your unstructured documents. With these insights, you can make informed business decisions that improve your company’s bottom line.

Document AI use cases

Explore how Document AI fits into your business. Here are some examples to help you get started.

Use case
Reduce mortgage processing time

Extract and qualify data from thousands of documents daily to perform data capture and analysis, semantic question answering, and classification. Customers are already cutting mortgage processing times from days to hours.

Use case
Know each of your customers

Document AI identifies and classifies key account-related documents to provide valuable customer insight and a holistic view of every customer to help inform your customer strategy and experience.

Use case
Process invoices more quickly and accurately

Entity extraction can identify common entries like dates, addresses, phone numbers, companies, prices, and numerical values within your receipts and invoices.

Use case
Automate procure-to-pay

Streamline the procurement process through automated invoicing and expense management.

Use case
Process insurance claims faster

Collect, manage, and analyze clinical data more efficiently, to cut insurance underwriting times and meet critical enrollment timelines.

Products and services

Document AI, powered by Google Cloud’s industry-leading OCR (optical character recognition) and Natural Language, reads and understands documents so you can extract value from your document data mine.

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