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Day 2 Ops for GKE

Helping customers simplify how they operate their GKE platform and build an effective strategy for monitoring and managing it.


Simplifying operations to manage the platform in a cost-effective manner

Comprehensive Solution

Google Cloud’s Day 2 Ops solution provides an end-to-end approach for managing their GKE platform as well as monitoring and troubleshooting it to ensure required SLA.

Minimize Operational Risk

Streamline and standardize platform upgrades so that GKE clusters don’t stay on outdated versions for long and get exposed to security breaches and related vulnerabilities.

Reduce Operational Costs

Organizations can reduce their operational costs by having an unified approach for monitoring and managing their various GKE environments.

Key features

Helping manage all aspects of your GKE platform

Our solution helps customers' ops teams address GKE platform challenges they face managing upgrades, SLA, monitoring etc through a hands-on workshop.

Managing Upgrades

Ensuring platform upgrades can be done in a managed and structured way to minimize any disruptions that may affect applications teams.

Single Pane of Glass View for your platform

Cloud Ops allows you to have a single view of your various GKE clusters/environments to monitor and manage them.

Standardized Experience

This solution allows platform teams to use standardized approaches to managing their GKE clusters and reducing the overall operational overhead.

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