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Upgrade the databases your applications are built on

Make your apps more secure, reliable, easier to manage, and faster to scale by modernizing your underlying operational databases. Our fully managed solutions strip away brittle layers of complexity, increasing your company’s agility and creating new opportunities to drive business value.

Customer stories

Bandai customer
Learn how Bandai Namco used the global database solution Cloud Spanner to build a global game.

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Story highlights

  • Backend scales to millions of players while still performing well

  • Fully managed scalable database drastically reduces risk of human error and operational overhead

  • Bandai can improve game by analyzing players’ behaviors in near real-time


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Key benefits

Be prepared for growth with quick, seamless scaling

Google Cloud databases scale seamlessly, letting you build cloud-native applications without worrying about whether your system can handle seasonal surges and unpredictable future growth.

Help developers move faster and focus on business value

From serverless management to auto-scaling, deep integrations to enterprise functionality, Google Cloud’s database portfolio delivers features and tools that help developers and operators ship faster and perform less maintenance.

Cloud database

Modernize, rebuild, or build from scratch

Whether you’re modernizing from an existing app, rebuilding an app, or building net-new, Google Cloud’s fully managed database services can help reduce your operational overhead and reduce time to value.

Use case
Modernize from Cassandra to Cloud Bigtable

If you lack in-house expertise in managing a Cassandra cluster, the move to fully managed Cloud Bigtable reduces your operational burden and read-repair work and makes scaling and replication easier. This reduces costs with pay-as-you-go pricing and seamless scaling up and down.

Use case
Use scalable relational database for variable-demand and high-growth industries

Managing sharded relational databases is difficult. Handling eventual consistency found in NoSQL databases is time consuming and error prone. Cloud Spanner is a fully managed and scalable relational database. It reduces complexity and enables seasonal and high-growth industries like retail, fintech, and gaming to scale up and down without sacrificing strong consistency and relational semantics.

Use case
Accelerate your development velocity

Whether you’re developing for the web or mobile, serverless Firestore is designed to provide a great developer experience and simplify and speed up your app development with live synchronization, offline support, and ACID transactions across hundreds of documents and collections.

Database service

Google Cloud’s portfolio of managed database services let you achieve the performance, scalability, and flexibility your application demands at a reasonable cost.

Google Cloud partners can help make your migration seamless, from assessment to validation.

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