Database migration

Simplify your database migration at every step of your cloud journey. Migrate to Google Cloud databases to run and manage your databases at global scale while optimizing for efficiency and flexibility.


Accelerate your database migration journey to Google Cloud

Optimize for cost and agility

Stay flexible with fully managed, open-source-compatible databases. Get discounts and instance sizes for any budget without compromising performance.

Innovate at scale

Focus on innovation with scalable, highly reliable databases. Develop apps with the scale, performance, and ease that powers Google’s services.

One Google Cloud

Integrate our databases with other Google Cloud solutions, including our data analytics, machine learning, and application development products.

Key features

Database migration strategies

Move to the same type of database

Lift and shift databases to Google Cloud using open-source-compatible databases like Cloud SQL for MySQL, Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL, Cloud Memorystore for Redis, and Cloud Bigtable, along with our open source partner databases like MongoDB, Datastax, Elastic, Neo4j, Influx Data, and Redis Enterprise. Database Migration Service for Cloud SQL can help to minimize downtime during migration.

Move to a new type of database

Whether you’re moving from proprietary to open source databases or modernizing from traditional databases to scalable cloud-native databases, our migration assessment guides and database migration partners can help you get started and simplify your journey.

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Google Cloud partners can help make even more of your migrations seamless.


Guides for database migration

Best Practice
Migrating MySQL to Cloud SQL

Best practices for using Database Migration Service for migrating MySQL to Cloud SQL for MySQL

Database Migration Service for MySQL quickstart

Learn how to migrate your data from MySQL to Cloud SQL, step by step.

Migrating from MySQL to Cloud Spanner

This article explains how to migrate your online transactional processing (OLTP) database from MySQL to Cloud Spanner.

Migrating SQL Server 2017 to Cloud SQL for SQL Server

Learn how to migrate data between SQL Server 2017 and Cloud SQL for SQL Server using backup files.

Migrating from PostgreSQL to Cloud Spanner

This article explains how to migrate your on-premises PostgreSQL instances to Cloud Spanner.

Migrating from an Oracle OLTP System to Cloud Spanner

This article explains how to migrate your database from Oracle® online transaction processing (OLTP) systems to Cloud Spanner.

Migrating from DynamoDB to Cloud Spanner

This tutorial describes how to migrate from Amazon DynamoDB to Spanner.

Best Practice
Migrating data from HBase to Cloud Bigtable

This article describes considerations and processes for migrating the data from an Apache HBase cluster to a Cloud Bigtable cluster on Google Cloud.