Data warehouse modernization

Streamline your migration path and unlock intelligent insights with BigQuery

Traditional data warehouses aren’t designed to handle today’s explosive data growth, run advanced analytics, or scale quickly and cost-effectively. As a modern and serverless data warehouse solution, BigQuery addresses your current analytics demands while scaling as your data needs grow. Google Cloud’s migration offer, easy-to-use tools, and global partner support can jump-start your modernization and help you manage the end-to-end process.

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  • Reduced operating costs by 5%–10%

  • Accelerated insights from seven days to minutes

  • Democratized analysis across 1500 users

  • Improved personalized experiences for 500M passengers


  • Transportation

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Why modernize with Google Cloud

Accelerate time to insight with serverless analytics

BigQuery, Google Cloud’s serverless cloud data warehouse, lets you jump-start your data analysis in minutes, not months. Run blazing-fast queries on any scale of data. Modernize with confidence using Google Cloud’s proven migration methodology, migration tools, and partner solutions.

Significantly simplify operations and lower TCO

Eliminate the operational burden of managing legacy infrastructure with BigQuery and enable your organization to focus on analytics. BigQuery’s fully managed and serverless infrastructure completely automates database operations, reducing your TCO up to 41%–52%.

Secure your data and operate with trust

Secure your data warehouse and mitigate data exfiltration risks with built-in encryption, automatic data protection, and data replication at scale. BigQuery offers high availability with a 99.9% uptime SLA.

Easily modernize with Google Cloud’s migration framework

Reduce your data warehouse migration time, cost, complexity, and risks with our proven framework.

Prepare and discover1Discover key workloads and use cases.Assess and plan2Prioritize use cases and define success measures.ExecuteIterate the following steps for each use case, starting with either 3a or 3b:3Migrate (offload)3aMigrate your data schema and downstream business applications.3bMigrate (full)Migrate upstream and downstream pipelines cases end-to-end.3cVerify and validateTest and validate the migration.IterateBack to 3a or 3b.

Use cases

Modernize your data warehouse with our migration tooling and services.

Use case
Teradata to BigQuery migration

Migrate your data from Teradata to BigQuery with BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

Use case
Redshift to BigQuery migration

Migrate your data from Amazon Redshift to BigQuery with BigQuery Data Transfer Service.

Modernize your data warehouse with tools and services from our tech partners. Get end-to-end migration support from our system integrators.

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