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Gain control of your data and drive insights when you migrate, manage, and modernize with Google Cloud’s data management solutions.

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As database management strategies evolve, so should yours

By 2022, 75% of all databases will be deployed or migrated to a cloud platform, with only 5% ever considered for repatriation to on-premises, according to Gartner, Inc.* As global investment in database management systems grows, businesses can jump-start their business transformation by migrating and managing enterprise data more reliably and securely with Google Cloud’s fully managed data solutions.

Data challenges meet data solutions

Migrate existing workloads to Google Cloud without relearning skills

Gain control of your data by migrating and modernizing operational data stores to the cloud. From MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and HBase to other traditional databases, our portfolio of managed database services helps you migrate and run workloads using existing skills in familiar environments.

Scale your databases at the speed of your business

Scalable, cloud-native database services provide enterprise-grade reliability, built-in security, and global replication when you need it. Backed by high availability SLAs, these databases start small and grow with your business—no matter your data’s size, your app’s popularity, or your users’ locations.

Boost productivity with a consistent developer and operator experience

Derive value from your data without compromising productivity, thanks to a consistent developer and operator experience and seamless AI product integrations. The result? You can query operational and analytical data together, effortlessly.

Why Google Cloud


Backed by industry-leading SLAs and rigorous scale tests within Google, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Bigtable, and other Google Cloud databases reliably serve your most business-critical data.

Fully managed and compatible

Migrate workloads to Google Cloud and take advantage of managed services, leveraging existing skills and compatible products like Cloud SQL.


Cloud-native databases offer scale insurance so you can start at any size and scale up or down cost effectively, as needed.


Optimize your data, solve for your specific use cases, and accelerate your business transformation with Google Cloud’s industry-leading database migration and modernization solutions.

Database migration

Seamlessly migrate existing workloads to Google Cloud, and benefit from managed services to reduce operational toil.

Open source databases

Build on fully managed open source databases with enterprise-grade support.

Database modernization

Make apps more secure, reliable, easier to manage, and faster to scale by modernizing your databases.

Manage Oracle® workloads with Google Cloud Partners

Introducing a fully managed service for Oracle workloads with top-tier partners.

Google Cloud database portfolio

Fully managed, scalable database services to support all your applications today and tomorrow.

SQL Server on Google Cloud

Flexible, scalable, and high-performance SQL Server virtual machines.

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