Rapid Response Virtual Agent

Quickly build and implement a customized Contact Center AI virtual agent to respond to questions your customers have due to COVID-19 over chat, voice, and social channels.

Reduce hold times and alleviate pressure on your contact center

Reduce hold times and alleviate pressure on your contact center

Get started with Contact Center AI to give your customers the answers they need right away. Provide up-to-date information on your website through chat so customers don’t need to contact you. Free your human agents to handle more complex cases with automated phone responses to common customer questions.

Launch in under two weeks

Start with common questions to launch your chat and/or voice bot quickly. And when you’re ready, expand the customer experience and operational efficiency with Contact Center AI.

Provide 24/7 access to conversational self-service

Answer your customers’ questions immediately and deliver exceptional customer service with Contact Center AI, artificial intelligence that converses naturally with customers.

Deploy in chat and voice across multiple channels

Provide support where your customers want it. Build your agent and deploy in 23 languages across chat, phone, social and messages.

Customize to your needs and update in real-time

Decide what questions are most important for your customers, then design a virtual agent that meets your needs. As things change, you can update your virtual agent easily and often.

Get started quickly with the Verily COVID-19 template

The template features curated information on COVID-19, including frequently asked questions and up-to-date guidance from public health authorities. View the documentation.

Integrate into your telephony flow with minimal work

If you want to integrate with your telephony system, we have worked with our contact center partners to streamline those integrations to help you go live on voice quickly.

Multi-channel options

Implement in one channel or many—whatever works for you and your customers.



Easily add chat functionality to your website using Google’s chat widget or your own chat interface. The Dialogflow Messenger integration provides a customizable chat dialog for your agent that can be embedded in your website so you can easily deploy your chatbot on the web and make the chatbot engaging with rich UI support.

View documentation


Deploy a quick voice solution within your telephony flow with one of our contact center partners.



Enable social media customer service using Dialogflow one-click integrations, including Google Assistant.

Business messages

Business Messages

Business Messages is a new channel that combines entry points from Google Search and Google Maps, with a rich, asynchronous messaging surface.

Customer references

Examples of standard responses

You can expect your virtual agent to answer these types of questions after initial development.

Healthcare & life sciences Public sector Travel Financial services & Insurance Retail
How long does the COVID virus stay on a surface? When will schools go back? Can I cancel at the last minute for free? Are you waiving any fees right now? Do you have special hours for elderly customers?
I think I might have COVID-19. Should I see a doctor? Can I go out during shelter-in-place? Have your refund policies changed? Can I defer loan payments because of COVID-19? Do you have hand sanitizer in stock?
Should I wear a facemask? How do I apply for Medicaid? Can I still book domestic travel? Are branches still open? Are you hiring?
Can I visit a patient? How do I apply for unemployment? Will I be required to quarantine after my flight? I will miss my credit card payment. Are you offering relief? Do you have contact-free delivery?

Examples of advanced responses

Contact Center AI enables you to add complex conversational flows and backend integrations over time, allowing your virtual agent to handle advanced interactions.

Healthcare & life sciences Public sector Travel Financial services & Insurance Retail
Has my appointment been cancelled or changed? What is the status of my unemployment application? I want to cancel my specific flight. I want to increase my specific credit card limit. How much toilet paper do you have in stock in a store near me?
Will my insurance cover my treatment? What time is my appointment with child protective services? I want to change my reservation. Is COVID-19 testing covered under my specific policy? Where is my order?

Integration partners

Many Google system integrator partners can work with you to develop and implement your virtual agent. Contact your Google Cloud account manager or Google Cloud partner for assistance.

Contact center partners

If you want to integrate your virtual agent with your telephony system, our contact center partners have streamlined integrations so you can start helping your customers quickly with COVID-related questions. Contact your Google Cloud account manager or contact center partner for assistance.