Contact Center AI

Bring the best of Google AI to customer service.

Improve Contact Center

Improve your contact center with AI

Contact Center AI solutions combine the best of Google AI with popular contact center software, improving customer experience as well as operational efficiency. The result? More personalized, intuitive customer care from the first "Hello."

Customers get answers quickly and around the clock

No more frustrating phone trees. Contact Center AI solutions rely on Google’s natural language understanding and speech capabilities to automate simple, common interactions, doing handoffs to live agents when needed.

Virtual Agent

Live agents close cases faster and more helpfully

With Contact Center AI solutions, live agents get recommendations in real time (thanks to speech recognition and search technology from Google) about knowledge sources that can help resolve customer issues more quickly and helpfully.

Tools Resources

Analysts get faster insight into customer needs

Machine learning uncovers and categorizes popular customer questions along with all their variations, helping analysts more quickly formalize responses that will please those customers.

Customer Data

Better overall value

Contact Center AI solutions help you improve customer satisfaction with the resources, skill sets, and contact center software you already have, with no expertise in machine learning required.

Overall Value

Reference architecture

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Learn how to build more conversational experiences with Dialogflow.

Contact Center Interface

Contact Center AI is designed to work with existing contact centers — not against them. You can integrate it with partners you already work with or use Dialogflow for tailored experiences.

Virtual Agent

A conversational experience for incoming customer contacts, Virtual Agent leverages Dialogflow to respond to customer requests 24 hours a day. This allows live agents to stay focused on high-touch or more complex issues.

Agent Assist

When a live agent is required, Agent Assist provides real-time assistance to the live agent. Agent Assist stays active during the conversation, suggesting answers and documents from your enterprise’s knowledge base in real time as needed.

Knowledge Base (PDF/HTML)

Virtual Agent and Agent Assist integrate with your knowledge base to use documents and articles to address customer concerns. This allows Contact Center AI to reference materials you already use for customer issues.

Contact Center AI features

Intuitive first-caller experience

When customers call in, their requests are cataloged and analyzed using Google’s Dialogflow Enterprise technology — for a more intuitive, seamless experience.

Automatic topic determination

Compared to rigid hierarchical menus or sequences, Contact Center AI can parse topics based on the conversation, getting the answers customers want, fast.

Live agent assistance

If a live agent is needed during a call, the Agent Assist AI automatically supplies the agent with articles and knowledge documents based on the conversation. No hold music required. Agent Assist will stay on the call to help the live agent with documents from your enterprise’s knowledge base.

Enterprise knowledge base integration

When customers need specific help, Contact Center AI can use enterprise chat logs to handle unique requests as well as train tailored versions of the Virtual Agent and Agent Assist.

Contact Center AI partners

Thanks to our strong partner relationships, Contact Center AI easily integrates into existing partner technology.

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