Configuration management

Automate deployment, architecture, and compliance for all your servers.

Control system configuration as code

Establish and maintain consistent system configuration throughout the life cycle of your machines. Easily monitor resource usage, detect and repair drift, track versioning, and push out changes. Plus, you can use your existing configuration management tools on GCP.

Why GCP for configuration management

Collaborate on changes with your team

Leverage the benefits of application development by codifying system configurations. Enable developers and operators to collaborate on improvements and fixes before entering production. Configuration management also makes it easy to conduct code reviews, build CI/CD pipelines, and roll back mistakes.

Leverage existing community resources

Learn from the knowledgeable developers and operators already using GCP and their favorite open-source tools for configuration management. You can also access Google-curated Ansible playbooks, Chef cookbooks, and Puppet modules to save time and money.

Integrate with your existing tools and infrastructure

Use Ansible, Chef, Puppet, or your favorite configuration management tools on GCP. Easily consume existing playbooks, recipes, and manifests on GCP or migrate your configuration management workloads, and we'll run them for you. Your current on-premises solution will likely work on GCP with no modification.

Configuration management tools for Google Cloud


Try tutorials, read blogs, and explore supported configuration management tools.

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