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Cloud-native application development

Build, run, and operate cloud-native apps with Google Cloud. Embrace modern approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers. Quickly code, build, deploy, and manage without compromising security or quality.


Build modern applications without the fear of vendor lock-in

Get speed with reliability and security

Drive velocity and develop features faster without compromising quality. Build security and compliance as part of your app dev.

Focus on code, not managing infrastructure

Abstract away all infrastructure management. Automatically scale up and down nearly instantaneously depending on traffic.

Reduce risk with open source technology

Prevent vendor lock-in with open standards. Deploy to multiple clouds with an extensible continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

Key features

End-to-end extensible tooling for cloud-native app development

Simplify development and operations

Accelerate engineering productivity and  simplify operations with end-to-end tooling. Automatically build, test, deploy, and manage your code changes across Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Run for a serverless runtime.

Reference pipeline for cloud-native app development
Security and compliance across all artifacts

Bake security into your software delivery process and identify vulnerabilities as soon as code is committed. Set up automated real-time deployment policy checks to gain tight control and ensure only trusted artifacts get deployed.

Highly responsive infrastructure with built-in best practices

Google Cloud's severless tooling lets you automatically scale up and down depending on traffic, so you can stop paying for over-provisioned resources. Use built-in CI/CD integrations and deployment practices like traffic splitting to reduce the risk of deploying a new version of software into production.

Easily connect to the tools you love

Google Cloud easily connects to the tools you use everyday, including GitLab, Jenkins, Terraform, Datadog, Prometheus, and more. These integrations enable you to move to Google Cloud at your own pace.  

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