Cloud‐native application development

Build, run, and operate cloud‐native apps

Embrace modern cloud‐native approaches like serverless, microservices, and containers with Google Cloud. Use our end‐to‐end solution across code, build, deploy, and manage to gain speed without compromising security or quality.

Customer stories

loveholidays app preview
With Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Build, loveholidays redesigned its travel platform for speed, stability, and scalability.

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Story highlights

  • Containerized and migrated 30 apps to GKE in just three months

  • Handled peak holiday booking season without disruption

  • Quadrupled network traffic, making more offers available to customers quickly

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Key benefits

Simplify cloud‐native application development

Enable your development and operations teams to quickly leverage Kubernetes using fully managed services from Google Cloud. Embrace cloud‐native practices to deliver software securely and at high velocity. Leverage our fully managed serverless platform and let Google Cloud handle scaling, networking, and security for you.

Get speed with reliability and security

Get end‐to‐end automation from source to build and release with integrated observability. Bake security into your software delivery process and identify vulnerabilities as soon as code is committed. Set up automated real‐time deployment policy checks to gain tight control and ensure only trusted artifacts get deployed.

Avoid lock‐in with open source technology

Prevent vendor lock‐in with open standards and cloud‐native development tools powered by open source technology like Kubernetes and Knative. Deploy to multiple cloud providers with open extensible continuous integration and delivery pipelines.

Build scalable and resilient applications

Choose serverless tooling that automatically scales up and down depending on traffic, so you can stop paying for over‐provisioned resources. Design for resilience by detecting issues early and recovering from problems quickly.

Reference pipeline

Google Cloud offers end‐to‐end development experience to let you confidently implement modern cloud‐native practices for scale and resiliency. Use tools built from the ground up for modern cloud‐native application development. Automatically build, test, deploy, and manage your code changes across Google Kubernetes Engine and Cloud Run for a serverless runtime.

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