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Google Cloud AI makes it possible to build and use artificial intelligence, regardless of your level of expertise or investment. You can improve your time to market via AI solutions and AI building blocks, or use AI Platform and AI building blocks to reduce the operating costs and complexities of building, deploying, and managing models at scale on Google Cloud and on-premises.

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  • 12x faster time to market for brand-specific ML models

  • Helps drive 99% annual business growth

  • Scales analytics and data pipeline 50x

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Key benefits

Industry leadership and deep expertise

Google has spent decades building AI into our technology, from Gmail’s Smart Compose helping to draft emails faster, to Google Assistant helping anytime, anywhere, to Google AI Research working on computer science problems that define today’s and tomorrow’s technology. Now we’re able to leverage that expertise in the AI that helps your organization meet its own challenges.

Choice and flexibility

We meet you wherever you are in your AI journey. If you’re in an early phase of AI deployment, you can dramatically improve your time to market using our AI solutions and AI building blocks. If you’re in more advanced stages of AI implementation, you can use AI Platform and AI building blocks to reduce the operating costs and complexities of building, deploying, and managing models at scale.

Quality and innovation

All of our AI building blocks offer high-accuracy models, and AI Platform provides the tools to evaluate the accuracy of, and tune hyperparameters for, the models you create. We’re innovating on behalf of our customers in AI at all levels of the solution stack, from AI hardware to hybrid deployments.

Responsible AI

Google is committed to making progress in the responsible development of AI and to sharing knowledge, research, tools, datasets, and other resources with the larger community.

Use cases

There’s no limit to the number of use cases that can be built with our AI technology. These three examples occur commonly across numerous industries.

Use case

Uplevel existing analytics and gain insight into your business by predicting utilization, events, and more.

Use case

Improve user engagement through personalized, just-in-time recommendations.

Use case
Workflow automation

Rationalize and optimize your business processes with new intelligent applications and workflows.

Innovative machine learning products and services on a trusted platform.

Cloud AI products comply with the SLA policies listed here. They may offer different latency or availability guarantees from other Google Cloud services.

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