Big data analytics

Turn data into actionable insights with a comprehensive and serverless data analytics and machine-learning platform.

Big Data

Reimagine what data analytics can do

Accelerate time to insights and leave the complexities of data analytics behind with Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Realize the benefits of serverless, integrated, and end-to-end data analytics services that surpass conventional limitations on scale, performance, and cost efficiency.


Focus on analytics, not infrastructure

GCP’s fully managed, serverless approach removes operational overhead by handling your big data analytics solution’s performance, scalability, availability, security, and compliance needs automatically, so you can focus on analysis instead of managing servers. And thanks to innovative, customer-friendly pricing, you pay only for the resources you use — in some cases, by the second or the query. Flat-rate and sustained-use discounts are also available.

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Accelerate development without compromises

BigQuery lets you analyze gigabytes to petabytes of data using ANSI SQL at blazing-fast speed and provides REST-based APIs for easy integration with other applications. Your developers can create analytics applications in familiar programming languages like Java, Python, C#, Go, Node.js, PHP, or Ruby. Cloud Pub/Sub lets you ingest millions of events per second from anywhere (and lets you publish it anywhere) in the world via an open API. Cloud Dataflow enables faster streaming and batch data pipeline development without compromising robustness, accuracy, or functionality. Enhance your BI solution with fast dashboards in Data Studio, powered by BigQuery BI Engine.


Get more from existing and open-source tools

GCP’s open architecture and easy integration with popular open-source tools allows for a faster time to value. You can reduce cost and increase performance of Apache Spark and Hadoop workloads by moving to Cloud Dataproc. Integration with popular open-source tools (such as Apache Kafka) and formats (such as Apache Avro) is easy, and data pipelines built on Apache Beam within GCP work on a choice of open-source runtimes (Spark or Flink). Cloud Data Fusion delivers managed data integration through a graphical interface and a broad open-source library of preconfigured connectors and transformations based on CDAP. Simplify workflow orchestration across public clouds and on-premises environments with Cloud Composer, built on Apache Airflow. Take advantage of familiar BI and visualization tools like Tableau, Qlik, Looker, Data Studio, and BigQuery BI Engine to share data insights easily.


Build on an AI-ready foundation

Google’s two decades of innovation in machine learning and AI mean you can bring predictive analytics into your applications using industry-leading services. Accelerate data preparation for machine learning with Cloud Dataprep. Use BigQuery ML to build machine-learning models on datasets of any size within BigQuery, using simple SQL. Leverage and train custom Google API machine-learning models with Cloud AutoML or build advanced TensorFlow models or Cloud Machine Learning Engine models by easily connecting to big datasets in Cloud Storage or BigQuery.

Secure Business

Secure your business and your data at any scale

GCP offers a more secure, scalable, and reliable infrastructure, no matter the workload, to help you build and operate mission-critical data analytics solutions. Our multilayered security approach helps ensure redundancy and reliability, with >99% uptime Service Level Objective (SLO), subject to the terms here, for all data analytics products. Secure and govern your data in Google Cloud with industry-leading tools and technologies that support compliance: Cloud Identity Access Management (IAM) for fine-grained identity and access management, Cloud Data Loss Prevention for classifying and redacting sensitive data, and Data Catalog for metadata management and data discovery.

Serverless big data platform

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We knew data was a big part of making decisions in the future. So we needed a platform that could scale to meet our growing appetite for it. Google Cloud Platform — in particular Google BigQuery — was ideal for this task.

Nikunj Shanti, Chief Data and Digital Officer, AirAsia

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