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Google Cloud for automotive

Provide the best digital experience to your consumers, reduce cost and complexity, generate new digital revenue streams, and accelerate your ability to digitally transform with Google Cloud solutions.
  • Ford
  • Groupe Renault
  • Toyota
  • Nuro
  • Nissan
  • Mitsubishi
  • Kia
  • Geotab
  • Lyft
  • Subaru
  • Waymo


Solutions for automotive

Redefine the customer experience across channels

Customer experience 360

Interact with customers along the entire lifecycle—discovery, purchase, ownership, renewal—using Dialogflow, Recommendations AI, Apigee, and Google Workspace.

Streaming 3D and augmented reality (AR)

Delight your customers with rich, immersive 3D and AR experiences built into your website, car configurator, and virtual showrooms.

Advanced marketing analytics

Combine Google Cloud with Google Marketing Platform to understand the customer journey, predict marketing outcomes, and personalize the customer experience.

Learn how Nissan meets the data challenge to drive growth.

Ecommerce migration and modernization

Migrate your ecommerce platform to take advantage of the reliability and scalability of Google Cloud, improving both site performance and customer experience.

Learn how Google Cloud helps retailers win the digital race.

Dealer/OEM integration and ecosystem enablement

Use Apigee API Management to exchange data securely between OEMs and dealers and Google Workspace to collaborate more effectively.

Provide leading connected vehicle and infotainment experience

Connected Car Telemetry Platform

Use Google Cloud’s Connected Car Telemetry Platform to collect, manage, and activate vehicle data at scale, with native integration to Android Automotive.

Connected vehicle solution

Engage with your customers beyond the vehicle purchase and create insights for R&D, monetize car data, and monitor vehicle health with a connected vehicle platform.

Read about how Mitsubishi Motors fuels customer engagement with the connected car.

Cloud IoT Edge for vehicles

Use BigQuery and AI Platform to build differentiating use cases (such as battery analytics, driver behavior) and bring ML to the vehicle edge with Edge TPUs.

Read how to bring intelligence to the edge with Cloud IoT.

Infotainment solutions by Google

Power your infotainment system with Android Automotive OS, a full-stack, open source, customizable platform.

Read more on the Android Open Source Project website or contact your Google representative.

Optimize manufacturing and accelerate R&D

Factory analytics and insights

Use BigQuery to rapidly analyze data, detect anomalies, and create insights. Use Looker for visualization and build on pre-configured shop floor dashboards.

Learn how to use BigQuery for anomaly detection.

Visual inspection for production

Use Google Cloud’s Visual Inspection AI to automate production quality control (for example, in the paint shop, body shop, or press shop).

Read about how GlobalFoundries uses Google Cloud’s Vision AI in manufacturing.

Autonomous driving

Accelerate development with Google Cloud AI Platform, improved data labeling, and easy scaling to 10ks GPUs, 100ks CPUs, 100s TBs network data, and 100s PB storage.

Simulation with high performance computing

Use Google Cloud’s high performance computing to power simulation workloads for aerodynamics, safety, or thermal optimization and supercharge your R&D engineers.

See how Google Cloud can provide up to 16 A100 GPUs in a single VM, offering a total of 640 GB of GPU memory.

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