Architecture: Content Management

Content Management systems manage and deliver electronic content to a target audience. The content may be web information, marketing campaigns or social media content. The content may also be personalized for individual users or groups. The architecture below depicts the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) components and services to create a Content Management system.


Google’s App Engine is a PaaS platform which provides a scalable robust environment for applications written in Java, Python, PHP and Go. The SDK for App Engine supports development and upload of the application to the cloud. Multiple application version support allows easy rollout of new features and it alls sits behind the Google Load Balancer to support traffic routed to multiple zones for high availability.

Google’s Cloud DNS provides the administrator with a robust DNS implementation for managing the domain and DNS records.

Static content can be stored in Cloud Storage while dynamic content is more suited to a Cloud SQL implementation. Both of these storage mechanisms can be used together in the implementation.

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