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Active Assist

Active Assist is a portfolio of tools that use data, intelligence, and machine learning to reduce cloud complexity and administrative toil, making it easy to optimize your cloud's security, performance, and cost.
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Maximize the value you get from the cloud by reducing complexity

Optimize resources automatically

Optimize your cloud’s performance while reducing cost, by automatically identifying the fastest, easiest ways for you to make immediate enhancements.

Secure proactively

Improve your overall security posture and prevent costly mistakes by acting on proactive recommendations for security gaps and misconfigurations.

Administer effortlessly

Reduce administrative time and labor with recommendations, tools, and insights that were designed to maximize impact and minimize toil.

Want to explore Active Assist a bit? Use this interactive demo to explore how Active Assist can help you proactively reduce costs, tighten security, and optimize resources. 

Key features

Perform your daily tasks with less time and effort

Active Assist provides intelligent tools across each spectrum of your cloud environment so that you can maximize value while reducing overhead.

Intelligent troubleshooting tools

When things go wrong, you can use troubleshooting tools to quickly and easily identify what’s gone wrong. The faster you’re able to diagnose a problem, the faster you’re able to fix it and get your cloud running smoothly again. 

For example, the Policy Troubleshooter shows you what may be causing access issues with your access policies to help you quickly fix them.

Intuitive analysis tools

When changes need to be made, it’s crucial to understand what the impact of those changes may be. This helps you prevent mistakes from happening in the first place, keeping your cloud running optimally. 

For example, in Network Intelligence Center you can use Connectivity Tests and Network Topology to analyze the impact of network configuration changes as you apply them.

Insightful, actionable recommendations

Make improvements to your cloud by relying on proactive recommendations. We’ll automatically bubble up ways for you to increase performance, rightsize resources, lower cost, tighten security, and more. With just a few clicks, you can act on these recommendations to optimize your cloud with ease. 

Review your current recommendations.

Would you like to get early access to the newest Active Assist products and features as they’re developed? Sign up for our Active Assist Trusted Tester Group.

Active Assist in action

Learn more about what Active Assist can do for you by checking out the informative videos below or reviewing your active recommendations directly.


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