SKU Groups - Operations Tools

This page lists SKU Groups that may be referenced in contracts and Cost Management. SKU Groups may include Other Eligible Services for Google Cloud Enterprise Agreement customers. For more information, contact sales.

Operations Tools

Service NameSKU NameSKU IDDate Added
Cloud Logging
Log Volume143F-A1B0-E0BEJune 17, 2020
Premium Tier - Monitored Resource Usage (in Resource Hours)9CDF-E2C3-F7F3June 17, 2020
Stackdriver Monitoring
Metric VolumeA924-09D0-8854June 17, 2020
Stackdriver Monitoring
Monitoring API Requests3ECE-36FE-BD9DJune 17, 2020
Stackdriver Trace
Spans ingestedFFCF-0164-9BC0June 17, 2020