What does the "service not enabled" error mean?

To use any Google API service, you need to:

  1. Create or use an existing Google Cloud project.
  2. Enable the service for the Cloud project.
  3. Pass an API key or an OAuth access token associated with the Cloud project.

To learn more about using API keys, see Authentication Overview. To fix this error, enable the Service Usage API for your Google Cloud project using the instructions in Enabling and Disabling Services.

How do I fix permission denied errors?

Such errors typically mean the caller doesn't have the right Identity and Access Management permission. See the Access Control guide for details on how to fix this error.

How do I perform a retry on API errors?

If you receive an API error and want to retry the call, we recommend that you perform the retry with exponential intervals plus randomness. Use the following minimum retry intervals for the indicated errors:

  • 30 seconds for 429 quota errors.
  • 1 second for 500 quota errors.
  • 1 second for 503 quota errors.

For other errors, make sure you perform retries based on additional error information. See google.rpc.Code for more details.

How do I request a higher API quota?

To request a higher API quota for your Cloud project:

  1. Visit the quotas page for the Service Usage API.
    go to the API Quotas page
  2. Click Select to choose the Cloud project.
  3. Click the edit symbol for the quota, such as 'Requests per 100 seconds'.
  4. Click Apply for higher quota.