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Build full stack serverless apps

Google Cloud’s serverless platform lets you write code your way without worrying about the underlying infrastructure. Deploy functions or apps as source code or as containers. Build full stack serverless applications with Google Cloud’s storage, databases, machine learning, and more. Easily extend applications with event-driven computing from Google or third-party service integrations. You can even choose to move your serverless workloads to on-premises environments or to the cloud.

Write code your way

Write code your way

Are traditional serverless platforms restricting the way you code? Google Cloud’s serverless platform lets you use your favorite language, runtimes, frameworks, and libraries. You can even choose to deploy as functions, apps, as source code, or containers.

Build full-stack serverless apps

Serverless for compute and beyond

Google Cloud lets you build comprehensive serverless apps easily and quickly with leading compute, storage, data analytics, machine learning, and messaging services. We handle the configuring, provisioning, load balancing, sharding, scaling, and infrastructure management, so you can focus on building great applications.

Run serverless workloads anywhere

Run serverless workloads anywhere

Move your serverless workloads to any platform while maintaining a consistent developer experience. Knative, an open API and runtime environment built on Kubernetes, enables you to run workloads anywhere: fully managed on Google Cloud, on-premises, or on a third-party cloud provider via Anthos.

Getting started

Cloud Functions

Cloud Functions

Spin up code on demand in response to events originating from anywhere. Connect and extend all Google and third-party cloud services and build applications that scale from zero to planet-scale — without provisioning or managing a single server.

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App Engine

App Engine

Stay more productive and agile by using popular development languages and tools. With zero server management or configuration deployments, developers can focus on building highly scalable applications without the management overhead.

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Cloud Run

Cloud Run

Run stateless HTTP containers on a fully managed platform or on Anthos. Knative, an open API and runtime environment built on Kubernetes, enables you to run workloads anywhere: fully managed on Google Cloud, on-premises, or on a third-party cloud provider via Anthos.

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Choosing the right serverless compute product on Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers great flexibility for developers to write and deploy code anywhere with a consistent experience. This means developers have the freedom to write functions or apps and deploy them as source code or even as containers. If you need help choosing a product, review use cases for everything from Cloud Functions to App Engine to Cloud Run and Knative.

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Serverless computing is the next big thing! It’s the peanut butter and jelly sandwich of software development.

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Thanks to our strong partner relationships, Google Cloud’s serverless solutions easily integrate with existing partner technology.

DevOps with serverless

Cloud Build


Cloud Build is a service that lets you easily create continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) pipelines for your serverless applications.


Cloud Monitoring

Cloud Monitoring aggregates metrics, logs, and events for your serverless applications running on Google Cloud or on-premises with Google Cloud's operations suite.

Cloud IAM


Cloud Identity & Access Management (Cloud IAM) lets admins control access and visibility for serverless applications from a single interface.

Cloud Scheduler


Cloud Scheduler is an enterprise-grade cron job scheduler that can automate big data jobs, cloud infrastructure operations, and more in a fully managed serverless fashion.