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Google Cloud solutions helps organizations address the most challenging security scenarios, drawing on what we've learned from protecting eight global businesses with more than one billion customers.



Phishing is an attempt to obtain sensitive information by sending email from spoofed addresses.

Protect Phishing


Ransomware is malware that encrypts data on a user's computer. Criminals demand payment to decrypt the data and restore access.

Protect Ransomware


A Denial-of-service (DoS) attack is an attempt to render your service or application unavailable — for example, by flooding your application with an overwhelming volume of traffic.

Protect Dos


Data exfiltration

Data exfiltration is the unauthorized transfer of sensitive information from your organization by an external attacker or a malicious insider.


Smart access from anywhere

Context-aware access combines information about users and data sensitivity to make intelligent access control decisions.

Smart Access

Security monitoring

Organizations need to see vulnerabilities, threats, and incidents in order to assess risks and prioritize corrective action.

Security Monitoring


Independent Verification

Google regularly undergoes audits of our security, privacy, and compliance controls.

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