It's important that you understand our commitments to protecting the privacy of your data and your customers' data. That's why we've created these Google Cloud Trust Principles.

Our commitments to you about your data

Your data is critical to your business, and you take great care to keep it safe and under your control. We want you to feel confident that taking advantage of Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform doesn't require you to compromise on security or control of your business's data.

At Google Cloud, we believe that trust is created through transparency, and we want to be transparent about our commitments and what you can expect when it comes to our shared responsibility for protecting and managing your data in the cloud.

When you use Google Workspace or Google Cloud Platform, you can:

  • Know that your security comes first in everything we do.

    We promptly notify you if we detect a breach of security that compromises your data.

  • Control what happens to your data.

    We process customer data according to your instructions. You can access it or take it out at any time.

  • Know that customer data is not used for advertising.

    You own your data. Google Cloud does not process your data for advertising purposes.

  • Know where Google stores your data and rely on it being available when you need it.

    We publish the locations of our Google data centers; they are highly available, resilient, and secure.

  • Depend on Google's independently-verified security practices.

    Our adherence to recognized international security and privacy standards is certified and validated by independent auditors — wherever your data is located in Google Cloud.

  • Trust that we never give any government entity "backdoor" access to your data or to our servers storing your data.

    We reject government requests that are invalid, and we publish a transparency report for government requests.

    See the data processing terms for Google Workspace and Google Cloud Platform for further details.

Protection & control

Protection & control

Learn more about how we protect the privacy of your employees and customers by keeping you in control, maintaining and continually evolving security features, complying with data protection laws, and helping you take advantage of aggregated data and machine learning.

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Our dedicated privacy team

Our dedicated privacy team

The Google privacy team participates in every product launch, reviewing design documentation and performing code reviews to ensure that privacy requirements are followed. They help ensure that our Google Cloud products and services always reflect strong privacy standards that protect you and your customers.

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