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Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) Audit

The Independent Security Evaluators (ISE) is an independent third party dedicated to ensuring the overall security posture and protection of digital assets for global enterprises. One of the audits conducted by ISE includes a security audit of cloud platforms specifically tailored for the media industry. The audit focuses on high value workloads and demonstrates to a media organization that a cloud provider provides effective security capabilities aligned to specific industry standards and requirements.

Google Cloud Platform undergoes a quarterly security assessment from ISE. This assessment specifically tests visual effects workflows and is shared with content owners and film studios. We have undergone an ISE assessment and provide a hardening guide to offer GCP customers helpful information regarding:

  • Deploying a new hybrid rendering workflow or infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform
  • Migrating an existing hybrid rendering workflow to Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud Platform Hardening Guide is available to our existing customers and may be requested via customer support. Navigate directly to the console for GCP. Potential customers can reach out to sales for more information.

Google Cloud Platform services covered by our ISE audit

ISO/IEC 27017

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