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DNB - Decree on Prudential Rule for Financial Undertakings

The De Nederlandsche Bank (“DNB”) is the central bank of the Netherlands.  It supervises financial institutions in the Netherlands. 

The DNB Decree on Prudential Rule for Financial Undertakings (“DNB Decree”) defines the supervisory conditions applicable to outsourcing by financial institutions. The purpose of these conditions is to control the relevant risks and ensure that outsourcing does not impede adequate supervision. 

Google Cloud’s contracts for financial institutions in the Netherlands address the requirements in the DNB Decree. We have also created mappings to the guidelines for both GCP and Google Workspace to assist you with understanding how we can support you with meeting the requirements and assess us as an outsourced service provider. Google Cloud is committed to addressing these requirements regardless of how financial institutions choose to use our services.

ISO/IEC 27001

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