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Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5)

The Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5) was developed by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as a way to assess the information security of cloud services that leverage internationally recognized security standards like ISO 27001 to set a consistent audit baseline that helps establish a framework of trust between cloud providers and their customers.

Through an independent third-party audit, Google Cloud (G Suite and Google Cloud Platform) has achieved C5 attestation. This means current and potential customers can use the C5 attestation as verification of compliance and as part of their assessment for using Google Cloud services.

Google Cloud services that are in scope for the C5 attestation

Gmail Delivery
Gmail Frontend / Middleware
Gmail Medley
Gmail Spam

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The Google Cloud Platform BSI C5 Report and the G Suite BSI C5 Report may be requested via customer support. Navigate directly to the console for GCP and the contact center for G Suite. Potential customers can reach out to sales for more information.

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