Web Security Scanner API

Scans your Compute and App Engine apps for common web vulnerabilities.

Service: websecurityscanner.googleapis.com

All URIs below are relative to https://websecurityscanner.googleapis.com

This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v1beta.projects.scanConfigs

create POST /v1beta/{parent=projects/*}/scanConfigs
Creates a new ScanConfig.
delete DELETE /v1beta/{name=projects/*/scanConfigs/*}
Deletes an existing ScanConfig and its child resources.
get GET /v1beta/{name=projects/*/scanConfigs/*}
Gets a ScanConfig.
list GET /v1beta/{parent=projects/*}/scanConfigs
Lists ScanConfigs under a given project.
patch PATCH /v1beta/{scanConfig.name=projects/*/scanConfigs/*}
Updates a ScanConfig.
start POST /v1beta/{name=projects/*/scanConfigs/*}:start
Start a ScanRun according to the given ScanConfig.

REST Resource: v1beta.projects.scanConfigs.scanRuns

get GET /v1beta/{name=projects/*/scanConfigs/*/scanRuns/*}
Gets a ScanRun.
list GET /v1beta/{parent=projects/*/scanConfigs/*}/scanRuns
Lists ScanRuns under a given ScanConfig, in descending order of ScanRun stop time.
stop POST /v1beta/{name=projects/*/scanConfigs/*/scanRuns/*}:stop
Stops a ScanRun.

REST Resource: v1beta.projects.scanConfigs.scanRuns.crawledUrls

list GET /v1beta/{parent=projects/*/scanConfigs/*/scanRuns/*}/crawledUrls
List CrawledUrls under a given ScanRun.

REST Resource: v1beta.projects.scanConfigs.scanRuns.findingTypeStats

list GET /v1beta/{parent=projects/*/scanConfigs/*/scanRuns/*}/findingTypeStats
List all FindingTypeStats under a given ScanRun.

REST Resource: v1beta.projects.scanConfigs.scanRuns.findings

get GET /v1beta/{name=projects/*/scanConfigs/*/scanRuns/*/findings/*}
Gets a Finding.
list GET /v1beta/{parent=projects/*/scanConfigs/*/scanRuns/*}/findings
List Findings under a given ScanRun.
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