Troubleshooting error messages

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Error message Description
The app often redirected the scanner to an authentication page If you're using Google authentication, the scanner detects auth redirects. Most likely the credentials you're using to scan the site are invalid. Check this by starting a Chrome incognito session and attempting to log in with the test credentials on your application.
The app produced a high number of errors during this scan The scanner found that a significant percentage of requests resulted in 4xx or 5xx HTTP responses. Verify your scanning credentials and the target URL. If you still see this problem, email the support address.
The scan found a small number of results during crawling We didn't find many pages to test. In some cases, this is to be expected. We occasionally see this problem with sites that do not often change the URL or have application features behind multi-step navigation bars. Try adding more seed URLs, such as the URL for each feature that can be reached via a nav-bar.
The scan found too many URLs while crawling results and has not tested all of them This problem may appear if your app has many URLs that lead to the same template. If so, email the support address and we may be able to tune the duplicate-page logic for you.
The scan hit an internal exception This message may indicate one or more internal errors. If you receive this message, email the support address.
The scan timed out while crawling the app We have a time limit for each stage of the crawler. If you have a particularly large site, then this may be expected; email us and we can manually increase your crawl timeout. If you have a small site, then something may have gone wrong with the crawler; email us with your scan details and we will investigate.
The scan triggered a DDOS protection mechanism and has been stopped This is caused by too many queries, too fast. Try scaling back the QPS.

Fixing issues

If the scanner reports an issue, you'll need to verify the location with browser XSS protection disabled. For more information see Verify the issue.

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