Group findings by time

Demonstrates how to group findings for specific points in time

Code sample


from datetime import datetime, timedelta

from import securitycenter

# Create a client.
client = securitycenter.SecurityCenterClient()

# source_name is the resource path for a source that has been
# created previously (you can use list_sources to find a specific one).
# Its format is:
# source_name = "organizations/{organization_id}/sources/{source_id}"
# e.g.:
# source_name = "organizations/111122222444/sources/1234"

# Group findings as of yesterday.
read_time = datetime.utcnow() - timedelta(days=1)

group_result_iterator = client.group_findings(
    request={"parent": source_name, "group_by": "category", "read_time": read_time}
for i, group_result in enumerate(group_result_iterator):
    print((i + 1), group_result)

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