Group findings by state change

Demonstrates how to group active findings by state change

Code sample


static ImmutableList<GroupResult> groupActiveFindingsWithSourceAndCompareDuration(
    SourceName sourceName, Duration duration) {
  try (SecurityCenterClient client = SecurityCenterClient.create()) {
    // SourceName sourceName = SourceName.of(/*organization=*/"123234324",/*source=*/
    // "423432321");

    GroupFindingsRequest.Builder request =

    // Call the API.
    GroupFindingsPagedResponse response = client.groupFindings(;

    // This creates one list for all findings.  If your organization has a large number of
    // findings
    // this can cause out of memory issues.  You can process them batches by returning
    // the Iterable returned response.iterateAll() directly.
    ImmutableList<GroupResult> results = ImmutableList.copyOf(response.iterateAll());
    return results;
  } catch (IOException e) {
    throw new RuntimeException("Couldn't create client.", e);

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