Enabling Security Health Analytics

This guide describes how to enable Security Health Analytics to write security findings from Google Cloud Platform native scanners to Cloud Security Command Center (Cloud SCC). Findings from these scanners are searchable in the Cloud SCC dashboard and using the Cloud SCC API. When Security Health Analytics is enabled, scans automatically run twice each day, 12 hours apart.

Before you begin

  • Security Health Analytics is not yet generally available, so you must be whitelisted to gain access. To sign up for the alpha, complete the Security Health Analytics Alpha Program form.
  • After you're enabled for the Alpha, you'll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to finish enabling Security Health Analytics.
  • To enable Security Health Analytics, you must have the Organization Administrator Cloud Identity and Access Management (Cloud IAM) role. To learn more, see Access control for organizations.
  • To access the Cloud SCC dashboard, you must have the Security Center Admin Viewer Cloud IAM role.
  • To make changes to Cloud SCC, like adding marks, you must have an appropriate editor role, like Security Center Admin Editor.

Learn more about Cloud SCC roles.

Getting support

If you've been enabled for the Security Health Analytics alpha and you need support, please email security-health-analytics-alpha-support@google.com.

What's next



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