Using Secret Manager with other products

This topic provides information on using Secret Manager with other Google Cloud services.

Cloud Build

Secrets are accessible through environment variable in build steps on Cloud Build. Learn more at Using secrets and credentials.

Cloud Code

With Cloud Code's Secret Manager integration, you can create, view, update, and use secrets within VS Code, IntelliJ, or Cloud Shell.

Cloud Functions

See Accessing the API.

Cloud Run

Cloud Run provides integration with Secret Manager. You can now use secrets in Cloud Run with the UI, command line, or a YAML file.

Compute Engine

See Accessing the API.

Google Kubernetes Engine

Workload Identity & Client Libraries

Workload Identity combined with Secret Manager Client Libraries is the recommended way to access Secret Manager from within Google Kubernetes Engine (see Secret Manager Best Practices).

Secrets Store CSI Driver

The Google Cloud provider for the Secrets Store CSI Driver project allows you to access secrets stored in Secret Manager as files mounted in Kubernetes pods.

Config Connector

Config Connector allows you to declaratively manage Secrets and their IAM policies.