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    What is BigQuery?

    BigQuery is a fully managed enterprise data warehouse that helps you manage and analyze your data with built-in features like machine learning, geospatial analysis, and business intelligence.

    It is a serverless and cost-effective data warehouse that works across clouds and scales with your data. You can use built-in ML/AI and BI for insights at scale.

    在试用期内,系统会计算解决方案提供方费用,同时使用赠金抵扣这些费用(不超过USD 800.00)。另外,在试用期内,您仍需要支付任何适用的基础架构使用费。 如果您在 ...
    ... 软件。使用不足一个月的月份按比例计算费用。 基于用量的价格:客户按您所选的度量方式(称为指标,比如数据量或存储空间)向您支付软件费用。metrics例如,您可以按 ...
    White label website builder platform perfect for design agencies, domain and hosting providers, big enterprises and more. Ucraft – is an advanced website ...
    将应用从旧版大型机系统迁移到Google Cloud 的可扩缩、灵活且安全的环境,从而降低费用并提高效率。 了解匹兹堡市如何迁移到Google Cloud. 借助AI/机器学习大 ...
    commercetools is the leader for next-gen B2C and B2B commerce. commercetools invented the modern cloud-native, headless, API-first commerce platform, ...
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