gcloud alpha scc assets list-marks

gcloud alpha scc assets list-marks - list an assets's security marks
gcloud alpha scc assets list-marks (ASSET : --organization=ORGANIZATION) [--page-token=PAGE_TOKEN] [--read-time=READ_TIME] [--filter=EXPRESSION] [--limit=LIMIT] [--page-size=PAGE_SIZE] [--sort-by=[FIELD,…]] [GCLOUD_WIDE_FLAG]
(ALPHA) List an assets's security marks.
Asset resource - The asset to be used for the SCC (Security Command Center) command. The arguments in this group can be used to specify the attributes of this resource. This must be specified.
ID of the asset or fully qualified identifier for the asset. This positional must be specified if any of the other arguments in this group are specified.
(Optional) If the full resource name isn't provided e.g. organizations/123, then provide the organization id which is the suffix of the organization. Example: organizations/123, the id is 123.
Response objects will return a non-null value for page-token to indicate that there is at least one additional page of data. User can either directly request that page by specifying the page-token explicitly or let gcloud fetch one-page-at-a-time.
Time used as a reference point when filtering. Absence of this field will default to the API's version of NOW. For example --read-time "2019-02-28T07:00:00Z"
Apply a Boolean filter EXPRESSION to each resource item to be listed. If the expression evaluates True, then that item is listed. For more details and examples of filter expressions, run $ gcloud topic filters. This flag interacts with other flags that are applied in this order: --flatten, --sort-by, --filter, --limit.
Maximum number of resources to list. The default is unlimited. This flag interacts with other flags that are applied in this order: --flatten, --sort-by, --filter, --limit.
Some services group resource list output into pages. This flag specifies the maximum number of resources per page. The default is determined by the service if it supports paging, otherwise it is unlimited (no paging). Paging may be applied before or after --filter and --limit depending on the service.
Comma-separated list of resource field key names to sort by. The default order is ascending. Prefix a field with ``~´´ for descending order on that field. This flag interacts with other flags that are applied in this order: --flatten, --sort-by, --filter, --limit.
These flags are available to all commands: --account, --billing-project, --configuration, --flags-file, --flatten, --format, --help, --impersonate-service-account, --log-http, --project, --quiet, --trace-token, --user-output-enabled, --verbosity.

Run $ gcloud help for details.

This command uses the securitycenter/v1 API. The full documentation for this API can be found at: https://console.cloud.google.com/apis/api/securitycenter.googleapis.com/overview
List all security marks for asset (8910) under organization (123456):
gcloud alpha scc assets list-marks 8910 --organization=123456
This command is currently in ALPHA and may change without notice. If this command fails with API permission errors despite specifying the right project, you may be trying to access an API with an invitation-only early access whitelist.