gcloud alpha game servers deployments revert-rollout

gcloud alpha game servers deployments revert-rollout - start rollback of the ongoing Deployment rollout in the specified clusters
gcloud alpha game servers deployments revert-rollout (DEPLOYMENT : --location=LOCATION) [--async] [GCLOUD_WIDE_FLAG]
(ALPHA) Start rollback of the ongoing Deployment rollout in the specified clusters.

A Deployment rollout updates game servers with a new image. The new image is specified through the spec field of game server template. It is a string field and follows the format of the spec field in Agones GameServer custom resource. Please see https://agones.dev for more details.

The new game server template can be specified either through creating a new Deployment resource or through the start-rollout verb on an existing Deployment resource (gcloud game servers deployments start-rollout).

Once the new game server template is specified, you can start the rollout by changing the percentage of game servers that run the new image through the set-rollout-target verb (gcloud game servers deployments set-rollout-target). The set-rollout-target verb specifies labels for clusters that should get the new image. It also specifies what percentage of game servers in each of the specified clusters should run the new image.

Finally, you can finish the rollout using the commit verb (gcloud game servers deployments commit). This will set the rollout percentage to 100 in all clusters whose labels were previously specified by calling the set-rollout-target verb.

If you need to revert a rollout, you can use the revert-rollout verb (gcloud game servers deployments revert-rollout) which deletes game servers running the new image.

Deployment resource - Cloud Game Server Deployment resource to start rollout for. The arguments in this group can be used to specify the attributes of this resource. (NOTE) Some attributes are not given arguments in this group but can be set in other ways. To set the [project] attribute: provide the argument [deployment] on the command line with a fully specified name; set the property [core/project]; provide the argument [--project] on the command line. This must be specified.
ID of the deployment or fully qualified identifier for the deployment. This positional must be specified if any of the other arguments in this group are specified.
Google Cloud location.
Return immediately, without waiting for the operation in progress to complete.
These flags are available to all commands: --account, --billing-project, --configuration, --flags-file, --flatten, --format, --help, --impersonate-service-account, --log-http, --project, --quiet, --trace-token, --user-output-enabled, --verbosity. Run $ gcloud help for details.
This command uses the gameservices/v1alpha API. The full documentation for this API can be found at: https://cloud.google.com/solutions/gaming/
This command is currently in ALPHA and may change without notice. If this command fails with API permission errors despite specifying the right project, you may be trying to access an API with an invitation-only early access whitelist.