gcloud alpha dialogflow entity-types update

gcloud alpha dialogflow entity-types update - update a Dialogflow entity type
gcloud alpha dialogflow entity-types update ENTITY_TYPE [--auto-expand] [--display-name=DISPLAY_NAME] [--add-entities=ADD_ENTITIES --clear-entities     | --remove-entities=[REMOVE_ENTITIES,…]] [GCLOUD_WIDE_FLAG]
(ALPHA) Update a Dialogflow entity type.
EntityType resource - Entity type to update. This represents a Cloud resource. (NOTE) Some attributes are not given arguments in this group but can be set in other ways. To set the [project] attribute: provide the argument [entity_type] on the command line with a fully specified name; set the property [core/project]; provide the argument [--project] on the command line. This must be specified.
ID of the entityType or fully qualified identifier for the entityType.
Whether or not the entity type can be automatically expanded to idenitify entities not explicitly included.
A human readable name for the entity type.
Use these flags for adding and removing entities:
Comma separated list of entities, or a map of entities to synonyms, to be added to existing list of entities.

If specified with --remove-entities or --clear-entities, entities will be removed in a separate request before entities are added. If an entity with a given value exists, it will be overwritten.

If a list, the entities can contain references to other entity types (with or without aliases).

To specify a map, set this flag with --flags-file as a map, where each key is the canonical name and each value is a list of synonyms to map to the canonical name. The canonical name must be explicitly included in the list of synonyms. For more information on --flags-file, see gcloud topics flags-file.

For example, use --flags-file=flags.yaml, where flags.yaml contains:

    - red
    - cherry
    - rose
    - blue
    - azure
    - cyan

For more information, see https://cloud.google.com/dialogflow-enterprise/docs/reference/rest/v2/Entity.

At most one of these may be specified:
If true, remove all existing entities.

Can be used with --add-entities to replace existing entities.

A comma separated list of entities to be removed.
These flags are available to all commands: --account, --billing-project, --configuration, --flags-file, --flatten, --format, --help, --impersonate-service-account, --log-http, --project, --quiet, --trace-token, --user-output-enabled, --verbosity.

Run $ gcloud help for details.

This command uses the dialogflow/v2 API. The full documentation for this API can be found at: https://cloud.google.com/dialogflow/
To update the display name of an entity type:
gcloud alpha dialogflow entity-types update --display-name="color"
This command is currently in ALPHA and may change without notice. If this command fails with API permission errors despite specifying the right project, you may be trying to access an API with an invitation-only early access allowlist.