gcloud alpha compute interconnects patch

gcloud alpha compute interconnects patch - patch a Google Compute Engine interconnect
gcloud alpha compute interconnects patch NAME [--admin-enabled] [--description=DESCRIPTION] [--noc-contact-email=NOC_CONTACT_EMAIL] [--requested-link-count=REQUESTED_LINK_COUNT] [--update-labels=[KEY=VALUE,…]] [--clear-labels     | --remove-labels=[KEY,…]] [GCLOUD_WIDE_FLAG …]
(ALPHA) gcloud alpha compute interconnects patch is used to patch interconnects. An interconnect represents a single specific connection between Google and the customer
The name of the interconnect to patch.
Administrative status of the interconnect. When this is enabled, the interconnect is operational and will carry traffic across any functioning linked interconnect attachments. Use --no-admin-enabled to disable it.
An optional, textual description for the interconnect.
Email address to contact the customer NOC for operations and maintenance notifications regarding this interconnect.
Target number of physical links in the link bundle.
A list of label KEY=VALUE pairs to update. If a label exists its value is modified, otherwise a new label is created.
At most one of these may be specified:
Removes all labels. If --update-labels is also specified then --clear-labels is applied first.

For example, to remove all labels:

  $ gcloud alpha compute interconnects patch --clear-labels

To set the labels to exactly "foo" and "baz":

  $ gcloud alpha compute interconnects patch --clear-labels \
    --update-labels foo=bar,baz=qux
A list of label keys to remove. If a label does not exist it is silently ignored.
These flags are available to all commands: --account, --configuration, --flatten, --format, --help, --log-http, --project, --quiet, --trace-token, --user-output-enabled, --verbosity. Run $ gcloud help for details.
This command is currently in ALPHA and may change without notice. Usually, users of ALPHA commands and flags need to apply for access, agree to applicable terms, and have their projects whitelisted. Contact Google or sign up on a product's page for ALPHA access. Product pages can be found at https://cloud.google.com/products/. These variants are also available:
  $ gcloud compute interconnects patch
  $ gcloud beta compute interconnects patch

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