Committed use discounts

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Committed use discounts (CUDs) for Cloud Run provide deeply discounted prices in exchange for committing to continuously use Cloud Run in a particular region for a one year term.

Cloud Run committed use discounts are ideal for workloads with predictable resource needs. You commit to a consistent amount of usage, measured in dollars per hour of equivalent on-demand spend, for a one-year term. In exchange, you receive a discounted rate on the applicable usage your commitment covers.

You can purchase committed use discounts from any Cloud Billing account, and the discount applies to any eligible usage in projects paid for by that Cloud Billing account:

  • Any overage is charged at the on-demand rate.
  • When you purchase a Cloud Run committed use discount, you pay the same commitment fee for the entirety of the commitment term, even if the price of applicable usage changes.
  • You still receive the same discount percentage on applicable usage in the event of a price change.
  • The commitment fee is billed monthly.

For more information about your bill, see Analyze the effectiveness of your spend-based committed use discounts.

Resources that receive committed use discounts

Cloud Run committed use discounts automatically apply to all aggregated Cloud Run CPU, memory, and request usage in a region. Cloud Run committed use discounts do not apply to networking charges.

Cloud Run committed use discounts cannot be cumulated with discounts from Enterprise Agreement.

Key points to keep in mind

  • Cloud Run committed use discounts only apply to CPU, memory and request counts.
  • Cloud Run committed use discounts apply to all services in a given region across all projects of the billing account.
  • Cloud Run committed use discounts are measured in dollars per hourly on-demand commitment.


Cloud Run committed use discounts give you a 17% discount off on-demand pricing for a one-year commitment. When purchasing a CUD in the Google Cloud console, you are presented with the option of a 1 or a 3 year term. Choosing a three year term instead of a 1 year term doesn't change the discount rate, but can be thought of as purchasing a bundle of three 1 year terms in a single transaction to be served sequentially.

This discount percentage is the same in every region.

See the Cloud Run pricing tables for CUD (committed use discount pricing) pricing details.


You can purchase a committed use discount in the Google Cloud console billing page. Select the Commitments tab, then select the PURCHASE action at the top. After purchasing a committed use discount, the commitment is effective starting within the next hour. The discounts are automatically applied to eligible usage in the region you specified.

When making the decision on whether to purchase committed use discounts, keep in mind that commitments are purchased across all projects of the billing account.

Before you purchase a commitment, read the Service Specific Terms regarding Committed Units.

To learn more, including how to purchase spend-based commitments, see Committed use discounts.

Calculating hourly on-demand commitment

You calculate the baseline per hour cost of CPU + Memory + requests across all services in the region you want to benefit from a committed use discount. Any usage above that limit will be charged at the regular on-demand price.

Once you make the commitment, you're charged that amount even if you decide to stop or scale down your Cloud Run usage during the rest of the commitment period.


  • You commit to spend $1 per hour on Cloud Run for one year in us-central1 across all projects.

  • You are charged a minimum of $1 * 83% = $0.83 per hour for the whole year, independently from actual usage.

  • If, in a given hour, Cloud Run usage inus-central1 before the discount is $1.50, then you pay only 1 * 83% + (1.50 - 1) = $1.33.


The committed use discount (CUD) recommender helps you optimize your Cloud Run costs of the projects in your Cloud Billing account by generating recommendations automatically based on historical Cloud Run usage gathered by Cloud Billing. You can use these recommendations to purchase additional commitments and further optimize your Cloud Run costs.

You can view available committed use discounts (CUDs) recommendations:

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