Google Cloud VMware Engine V1 API - Module Google::Cloud::VmwareEngine::V1::VmwareEngineNetwork::VpcNetwork::Type (v0.3.0)

Reference documentation and code samples for the Google Cloud VMware Engine V1 API module Google::Cloud::VmwareEngine::V1::VmwareEngineNetwork::VpcNetwork::Type.

Enum Type defines possible types of a VMware Engine network controlled service.



value: 0
The default value. This value should never be used.


value: 1
VPC network that will be peered with a consumer VPC network or the intranet VPC of another VMware Engine network. Access a private cloud through Compute Engine VMs on a peered VPC network or an on-premises resource connected to a peered consumer VPC network.


value: 2
VPC network used for internet access to and from a private cloud.


value: 3
VPC network used for access to Google Cloud services like Cloud Storage.