Ruby Client for the Google Cloud Compute V1 API

API Client library for the Google Cloud Compute V1 API

google-cloud-compute-v1 is the official client library for the Google Cloud Compute V1 API.


$ gem install google-cloud-compute-v1

Before You Begin

In order to use this library, you first need to go through the following steps:

  1. Select or create a Cloud Platform project.
  2. Enable billing for your project.
  3. Enable the API.
  4. Set up authentication.

Quick Start

require "google/cloud/compute/v1"

client =
request = # (request fields as keyword arguments...)
response = client.aggregated_list request

View the Client Library Documentation for class and method documentation.

See also the Product Documentation for general usage information.

Google Cloud Samples

To browse ready to use code samples check Google Cloud Samples.

Supported Ruby Versions

This library is supported on Ruby 2.6+.

Google provides official support for Ruby versions that are actively supported by Ruby Core—that is, Ruby versions that are either in normal maintenance or in security maintenance, and not end of life. Older versions of Ruby may still work, but are unsupported and not recommended. See for details about the Ruby support schedule.