This Recommendations AI documentation references the Recommendations console. We recommend switching to the Retail console and using the Retail documentation, which documents Recommendations AI, the Retail console, and Retail Search.

If you are using the v1beta version of Recommendations AI, migrate to the Retail API version.


Specification to determine under which conditions query expansion should occur.

JSON representation
  "condition": enum (Condition),
  "pinUnexpandedResults": boolean

enum (Condition)

The condition under which query expansion should occur. Default to Condition.DISABLED.



Whether to pin unexpanded results. If this field is set to true, unexpanded products are always at the top of the search results, followed by the expanded results.


Enum describing under which condition query expansion should occur.

CONDITION_UNSPECIFIED Unspecified query expansion condition. This defaults to Condition.DISABLED.
DISABLED Disabled query expansion. Only the exact search query is used, even if SearchResponse.total_size is zero.
AUTO Automatic query expansion built by Google Retail