This Recommendations AI documentation references the Recommendations console. We recommend switching to the Retail console and using the Retail documentation, which documents Recommendations AI, the Retail console, and Retail Search.

If you are using the v1beta version of Recommendations AI, migrate to the Retail API version.


Google Cloud Storage location for input content. format.

JSON representation
  "inputUris": [
  "dataSchema": string


Required. Google Cloud Storage URIs to input files. URI can be up to 2000 characters long. URIs can match the full object path (for example, gs://bucket/directory/object.json) or a pattern matching one or more files, such as gs://bucket/directory/*.json. A request can contain at most 100 files, and each file can be up to 2 GB. See Importing product information for the expected file format and setup instructions.



The schema to use when parsing the data from the source.

Supported values for product imports:

Supported values for user events imports:

Supported values for control imports:

  • 'control' (default): One JSON [Control][] per line.

Supported values for catalog attribute imports:

  • 'catalogAttribute' (default): One CSV [CatalogAttribute][] per line.