This Recommendations AI documentation references the Recommendations console. We recommend switching to the Retail console and using the Retail documentation, which documents Recommendations AI, the Retail console, and Retail Search.

If you are using the v1beta version of Recommendations AI, migrate to the Retail API version.


Boost specification to boost certain items.

JSON representation
  "conditionBoostSpecs": [
      object (ConditionBoostSpec)
  "skipBoostSpecValidation": boolean

object (ConditionBoostSpec)

Condition boost specifications. If a product matches multiple conditions in the specifictions, boost scores from these specifications are all applied and combined in a non-linear way. Maximum number of specifications is 10.



Whether to skip boostspec validation. If this field is set to true, invalid BoostSpec.condition_boost_specs will be ignored and valid BoostSpec.condition_boost_specs will still be applied.