Cloud Resource Manager

Hierarchically manage resources by project, folder, and organization


Centrally Manage All Your Projects

Google Cloud Platform provides resource containers such as Organizations, Folders, and Projects, that allow you to group and hierarchically organize other Cloud Platform resources. This hierarchical organization lets you easily manage common aspects of your resources such as access control and configuration settings. The Google Cloud Resource Manager service enables you to programmatically manage these resource containers.

Manage IAM Across Your Org

Create an organization that contains all of your projects and resources. Create Folders to groups projects by department, team, application or environment. Easily modify your Google Cloud Identity and Access Management policies for your organization and folders and the changes will apply across all the projects and resources. You can also edit projects directly.

Track & Manage Projects

Programmatically create, manage, and delete projects and folders that belong to your organization. You can also undelete or recover projects that you didn’t mean to delete.

Cloud Resource Manager Features

Manage Hierarchically
Resources are organized hierarchically. An organization is the root node in the hierarchy and has projects and folders as children. Folders can contain projects or other folders. All other resources are the children of projects. Each resource has exactly one parent. Set access control policies and configuration settings at a parent resource, and the policies and settings are inherited by the children resources.
The Organization resource represents an organization such as your company and is the root node in the Google Cloud Platform resource hierarchy.
Organization Policies
Centrally control your Organization’s resources. Restrict allowed configurations across your entire cloud resource hierarchy programmatically.
Cloud IAM Policies
Create and manage IAM access control policies for your organization and projects. Control what access members of the project have to manage virtual machines, logs and much more.
Create, Update, Delete Projects
Create, update, and delete projects that belong to your organization. You can also undelete projects in the “pending deletion” state.
Project Details
Administrators can get a list of all projects in the organization.
Cloud Folders
Use Cloud Folders to organize resources under your Organization, and configure IAM policies at the folder level so policies transitively apply to the resources contained within the folder.
Cloud Console and API Access
Access Cloud Resource Manager in the Google Cloud Console in the Admin section, via Cloud Resource Manager API, or through the command-line using gcloud.

Cloud Resource Manager Pricing

All use of Cloud Resource Manager API is free of charge.