Update a site key

Update the properties of the given site key for the given the project id.

Code sample


import com.google.cloud.recaptchaenterprise.v1.RecaptchaEnterpriseServiceClient;
import com.google.recaptchaenterprise.v1.GetKeyRequest;
import com.google.recaptchaenterprise.v1.Key;
import com.google.recaptchaenterprise.v1.KeyName;
import com.google.recaptchaenterprise.v1.UpdateKeyRequest;
import com.google.recaptchaenterprise.v1.WebKeySettings;
import java.io.IOException;
import java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException;
import java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException;

public class UpdateSiteKey {

  public static void main(String[] args)
      throws IOException, InterruptedException, ExecutionException, TimeoutException {
    // TODO(developer): Replace these variables before running the sample.
    String projectID = "your-project-id";
    String recaptchaSiteKeyID = "recaptcha-site-key-id";
    String domainName = "domain-name";

    updateSiteKey(projectID, recaptchaSiteKeyID, domainName);

   * Update the properties of the given site key present under the project id.
   * @param projectID: GCloud Project ID.
   * @param recaptchaSiteKeyID: Specify the site key.
   * @param domainName: Specify the domain name for which the settings should be updated.
  public static void updateSiteKey(String projectID, String recaptchaSiteKeyID, String domainName)
      throws IOException, InterruptedException, ExecutionException, TimeoutException {
    // Initialize client that will be used to send requests. This client only needs to be created
    // once, and can be reused for multiple requests. After completing all of your requests, call
    // the `client.close()` method on the client to safely
    // clean up any remaining background resources.
    try (RecaptchaEnterpriseServiceClient client = RecaptchaEnterpriseServiceClient.create()) {

      // Set the name and the new settings for the key.
      UpdateKeyRequest updateKeyRequest =
                      .setDisplayName("any descriptive name for the key")
                      .setName(KeyName.of(projectID, recaptchaSiteKeyID).toString())


      // Check if the key has been updated.
      GetKeyRequest getKeyRequest =
              .setName(KeyName.of(projectID, recaptchaSiteKeyID).toString())
      Key response = client.getKey(getKeyRequest);

      // Get the changed property.
      boolean allowedAmpTraffic = response.getWebSettings().getAllowAmpTraffic();
      if (!allowedAmpTraffic) {
            "Error! reCAPTCHA Site key property hasn't been updated. Please try again !");
      System.out.println("reCAPTCHA Site key successfully updated !");


use Google\Cloud\RecaptchaEnterprise\V1\RecaptchaEnterpriseServiceClient;
use Google\Cloud\RecaptchaEnterprise\V1\Key;
use Google\Cloud\RecaptchaEnterprise\V1\WebKeySettings;
use Google\Cloud\RecaptchaEnterprise\V1\WebKeySettings\ChallengeSecurityPreference;
use Google\Cloud\RecaptchaEnterprise\V1\WebKeySettings\IntegrationType;
use Google\Protobuf\FieldMask;
use Google\ApiCore\ApiException;

 * Update an existing reCAPTCHA site key
 * @param string $projectId Your Google Cloud project ID
 * @param string $keyId The 40 char long key ID you wish to update
 * @param string $updatedName The updated display name of the reCAPTCHA key
function update_key(
    string $projectId,
    string $keyId,
    string $updatedName
): void {
    $client = new RecaptchaEnterpriseServiceClient();
    $formattedKeyName = $client->keyName($projectId, $keyId);

    // Create the settings for the key.
    // In order to create other keys we'll use AndroidKeySettings or IOSKeySettings
    $settings = new WebKeySettings();

    // Allow the key to work for all domains(Not recommended)
    // $settings->setAllowAllDomains(false);
    // ...or explicitly set the allowed domains for the key as an array of strings

    // Specify the type of the key
    // - score based key -> IntegrationType::SCORE
    // - checkbox based key -> IntegrationType::CHECKBOX
    // Read https://cloud.google.com/recaptcha-enterprise/docs/choose-key-type

    // Specify the possible challenge frequency and difficulty
    // Read https://cloud.google.com/recaptcha-enterprise/docs/reference/rest/v1/projects.keys#challengesecuritypreference

    $key = new Key();

    $updateMask = new FieldMask([
        'paths' => ['display_name', 'web_settings']

    try {
        $updatedKey = $client->updateKey($key, [
            'updateMask' => $updateMask

        printf('The key: %s is updated.' . PHP_EOL, $updatedKey->getDisplayName());
    } catch (ApiException $e) {
        if ($e->getStatus() === 'NOT_FOUND') {
            printf('The key with Key ID: %s doesn\'t exist.' . PHP_EOL, $keyId);
        } else {
            print('updateKey() call failed with the following error: ');


import time

from google.cloud import recaptchaenterprise_v1

def update_site_key(project_id: str, recaptcha_site_key: str, domain_name: str) -> None:
    Update the properties of the given site key present under the project id.

    project_id: GCloud Project ID.
    recaptcha_site_key: Specify the site key.
    domain_name: Specify the domain name for which the settings should be updated.

    client = recaptchaenterprise_v1.RecaptchaEnterpriseServiceClient()

    # Construct the key details.
    key_name = f"projects/{project_id}/keys/{recaptcha_site_key}"

    # Set the name and the new settings for the key.
    web_settings = recaptchaenterprise_v1.WebKeySettings()
    web_settings.allow_amp_traffic = True

    key = recaptchaenterprise_v1.Key()
    key.display_name = "any descriptive name for the key"
    key.name = key_name
    key.web_settings = web_settings

    update_key_request = recaptchaenterprise_v1.UpdateKeyRequest()
    update_key_request.key = key


    # Retrieve the key and check if the property is updated.
    get_key_request = recaptchaenterprise_v1.GetKeyRequest()
    get_key_request.name = key_name
    response = client.get_key(get_key_request)
    web_settings = response.web_settings

    # Get the changed property.
    if not web_settings.allow_amp_traffic:
            "Error! reCAPTCHA Site key property hasn't been updated. Please try again !"
        print("reCAPTCHA Site key successfully updated ! ")


require "google/cloud/recaptcha_enterprise"

# Update a site key registered for a domain/app to use recaptcha services.
# @param project_id [String] GCloud Project ID.
# @param site_key [String] Site key to be updated.
# @param domain [String] Domain to register for recaptcha services.
# @return [void]
def update_site_key project_id:, site_key:, domain:
  # Create the reCAPTCHA client.
  client = ::Google::Cloud::RecaptchaEnterprise.recaptcha_enterprise_service

  request_key = client.get_key name: "projects/#{project_id}/keys/#{site_key}"
  request_key.web_settings.allowed_domains.push domain
  request_key.web_settings.allow_amp_traffic = true

  client.update_key key: request_key

  # Retrieve the key and check if the property is updated.
  response = client.get_key name: "projects/#{project_id}/keys/#{site_key}"
  web_settings = response.web_settings

  puts "reCAPTCHA Site key successfully updated with allow_amp_traffic to #{web_settings.allow_amp_traffic}!"

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