This page explains various recommendations to optimize your integration with reCAPTCHA Enterprise.

Website instrumentation

You should include reCAPTCHA on every page of your site. reCAPTCHA's risk model is improved by understanding how users transition from different pages and actions.

Using a Key configured with the SCORE integration type, you can include reCAPTCHA throughout your site without requiring users to solve CAPTCHA challenges.

  • Instrument each page using a SCORE Key.
  • Call grecaptcha.enterprise.execute on page loads, with an action name of pageload.
  • Call grecaptcha.enterprise.execute when users click on buttons that trigger requests to your backend. Some examples are included in the discussion on Actions.

CAPTCHA challenges

You can use CHECKBOX keys to protect specific actions with CAPTCHA challenges. Even in the case of using CHECKBOX keys, we strongly recommend you instrument every page with SCORE keys as well. reCAPTCHA can run on the same page, with different types of keys, so it's possible to have both SCORE and CHECKBOX running together.


Make sure to provide a meaningful action parameter when calling grecaptcha.enterprise.execute. See Actions for more guidance.