Class Type (3.4.3)


Type of Google Cloud Vision API feature to be extracted.

Values: TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Unspecified feature type. FACE_DETECTION (1): Run face detection. LANDMARK_DETECTION (2): Run landmark detection. LOGO_DETECTION (3): Run logo detection. LABEL_DETECTION (4): Run label detection. TEXT_DETECTION (5): Run text detection / optical character recognition (OCR). Text detection is optimized for areas of text within a larger image; if the image is a document, use DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION instead. DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION (11): Run dense text document OCR. Takes precedence when both DOCUMENT_TEXT_DETECTION and TEXT_DETECTION are present. SAFE_SEARCH_DETECTION (6): Run Safe Search to detect potentially unsafe or undesirable content. IMAGE_PROPERTIES (7): Compute a set of image properties, such as the image's dominant colors. CROP_HINTS (9): Run crop hints. WEB_DETECTION (10): Run web detection. PRODUCT_SEARCH (12): Run Product Search. OBJECT_LOCALIZATION (19): Run localizer for object detection.