Class InputConfig

InputConfig(mapping=None, *, ignore_unknown_fields=False, **kwargs)

Input configuration for BatchTranslateText request.

.. _oneof:


mime_type str
Optional. Can be "text/plain" or "text/html". For ``.tsv``, "text/html" is used if mime_type is missing. For ``.html``, this field must be "text/html" or empty. For ``.txt``, this field must be "text/plain" or empty.
Required. Google Cloud Storage location for the source input. This can be a single file (for example, ``gs://translation-test/input.tsv``) or a wildcard (for example, ``gs://translation-test/*``). If a file extension is ``.tsv``, it can contain either one or two columns. The first column (optional) is the id of the text request. If the first column is missing, we use the row number (0-based) from the input file as the ID in the output file. The second column is the actual text to be translated. We recommend each row be <= 10k="" unicode="" codepoints,="" otherwise="" an="" error="" might="" be="" returned.="" note="" that="" the="" input="" tsv="" must="" be="" rfc="" 4180="" compliant.="" you="" could="" use="""" to="" check="" potential="" formatting="" errors="" in="" your="" tsv="" file.="" csvlint="" --delimiter='\t' your_input_file.tsv="" the="" other="" supported="" file="" extensions="" are="" ``.txt``="" or="" ``.html``,="" which="" is="" treated="" as="" a="" single="" large="" chunk="" of="" text.="" this="" field="" is="" a="" member="" of="" `oneof`_="" ``source``.="">


builtins.object > proto.message.Message > InputConfig