Package types (0.1.5)

API documentation for commerce_consumer_procurement_v1alpha1.types package.



Request message for ConsumerProcurementService.GetOrder


A single item within an order.


A change made on a line item.


State of a change.

Values: LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Sentinel value. Do not use. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_PENDING_APPROVAL (1): Change is in this state when a change is initiated and waiting for partner approval. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_APPROVED (2): Change is in this state after it's approved by the partner or auto-approved but before it takes effect. The change can be overwritten or cancelled depending on the new line item info property (pending Private Offer change cannot be cancelled and can only be overwritten by another Private Offer). LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_COMPLETED (3): Change is in this state after it's been activated. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_REJECTED (4): Change is in this state if it was rejected by the partner. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_ABANDONED (5): Change is in this state if it was abandoned by the user. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_ACTIVATING (6): Change is in this state if it's currently being provisioned downstream. The change can't be overwritten or cancelled when it's in this state.


Predefined types for line item change state reason.

Values: LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_REASON_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Default value, indicating there's no predefined type for change state reason. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_REASON_TYPE_EXPIRED (1): Change is in current state due to term expiration. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_REASON_TYPE_USER_CANCELLED (2): Change is in current state due to user-initiated cancellation. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_STATE_REASON_TYPE_SYSTEM_CANCELLED (3): Change is in current state due to system-initiated cancellation.


Type of a line item change.

Values: LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_TYPE_UNSPECIFIED (0): Sentinel value. Do not use. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_TYPE_CREATE (1): The change is to create a new line item. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_TYPE_UPDATE (2): The change is to update an existing line item. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_TYPE_CANCEL (3): The change is to cancel an existing line item. LINE_ITEM_CHANGE_TYPE_REVERT_CANCELLATION (4): The change is to revert a cancellation.


Line item information.


Request message for ConsumerProcurementService.ListOrders.


Response message for ConsumerProcurementService.ListOrders.


Represents a purchase made by a customer on Cloud Marketplace. Creating an order makes sure that both the Google backend systems as well as external service provider's systems (if needed) allow use of purchased products and ensures the appropriate billing events occur.

An Order can be made against one Product with multiple add-ons (optional) or one Quote which might reference multiple products.

Customers typically choose a price plan for each Product purchased when they create an order and can change their plan later, if the product allows.


User-provided Parameters.


Message stored in the metadata field of the Operation returned by ConsumerProcurementService.PlaceOrder.


Request message for ConsumerProcurementService.PlaceOrder.


Subscription information.